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I originally purchased this car in November of 1996, at the age of 15. It originally had a 230 cubic inch inline six-cylinder motor, three speed Saginaw transmission, gold paint, and gold interior. By the summer of 1997, I had painted it Chevrolet Indigo Metallic and changed over the interior to black and gray. In the summer of 1998, swapped the engine and transmission:

    Engine : Chevrolet 350 4-Bolt Main

    Transmission: Turbo Hydromatic 350

In the summer of 2001 I painted it to its current PPG Orange and Black.


All of the work done to my car was performed by me personally. The engine buildup was assisted by my father, from whom I owe my love for cars. I also belong to a the Nova Listserve. It is a collection of Nova owners who share their knowledge and expertise. Whenever I need help repairing anything, I can always count on them to come through.


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